We rescued our dog, Tucker, from the dog pound the day before his scheduled execution. He was still a pup and barked and yelped all the way home, I thought “My God, what have I gotten into”. Tucker not only became my best friend but a true member of the family. He was so thrilled when I came home, no matter what mood I was in how low I felt, Tucker was there to greet me with a wagging tail and bright eyes. We walked the trails along Lake Michigan together, we camped together, we watched football together. I still smile when I remember him trying to eat moths around my lantern on one special camping trip. Tucker gave my family 100% of his love and total devotion for 15 wonderful years. His mood turned sour and he started limping in his old age, when he started nipping at the kids when they went near him, we made the decision to start looking for a home for him with no children, we desperately wanted him to live every day he could. We tried for months, but found no new home, the decision was made in Spring of 07 to put Tucker down. I made the appointment, then we had a possible lead on a home, so the appt. was canceled, only to have the new home fall apart. The appt. was made again, this time it went forward. The vet was so gentle, so understanding. I was prepared to give my best friend a stoic goodbye, but I broke down like a little boy when I saw him slowly lay down for his final sleep. He passed looking straight at me, I’m haunted to this day. Tucker was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to walk next to him again in Heaven. Thank God for dogs, what better friend could a man ask for? Thank you alod Mark, for letting us tell the stories of our best friends.

Curt from MI