Trust Freda to come back as a Rotweiler

Sometimes dogs are God’s angels. Our youngest daughter had been in an abusive relationship; on 2/8/04 she moved herself and her 7 yr old daughter to another town. On 2/10 she went missing; on Valentine’s Day morning my kids and a detective came to our house to tell us they had found her car, burned and a body in it. The detective took a DNA sample from me, as I stood talking to him I looked out the front door. There stood the biggest Rotweiler dog I had ever seen in my life; my daughters favorite breed. She had had to leave her two Rotweilers when she left town with a friend. This dog was friendly, gentle, and adopted my granddaughter the moment she came to our house. I told my kids and my husband “Trust Freda to come back as a Rotweiler” My husband checked around the neighborhood to see if anyone lost him, they hadn’t even seen him before. I truly believe this dog was God’s angel, sent to us at that time to stop the black anger that had filled our hearts at hearing our baby was dead. I was not able to keep “Fred” but we found him a wonderful home and that couple has experienced flickering lights when there was an argument going on. God Bless you Mark.

Jill from Texas