In the 70’s , I got my dog ,Trixie , from a pet store for free because she was getting too big and older, 3 mths. She was a mix breed type dog aka mutt. My mother during the ice age of the 70’s taught her to fetch the paper. And in spring time would escort my grandmother on her daily walks. One day , Gramma, fell in the back yard, Trixie started to circle my grandmother barking. At that time my cousin came into the backyard but couldn’t get to my grandmother because Trixie didn’t know him. As he said “That lil dog scared the beegeesus out of me” Luckily , she knew my uncle. She’s been missed dearly since 1987 when my mom had to put her down. Thankyou


Tom :) from New York

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  1. barbara hanlon Says:

    Mark – I lost my dog about a year and a half ago. I am in publishing – and I do want to communicate my family’s story at some time. However, for now, I want to comment on what I’ve been listening to over the past few weeks on your show. Inevitably the stories bring me to tears (it’s kind of difficult to drive and cry at the same time – but I am managing) – Crying and remembering isn’t a bad thing…. There have been so many comments regarding God giving us our pets to enhance our lives— to what I think was an incredible call the other night – from a man who had a disabled grown daughter and how your book gave them “special time” together as he read it to her…. – I would bet that you never imagined that kind of special connection when you were writing your book.
    And, what should be an obvious thought to all of us that have lost animals – is that – most families have a cat,a dog or other animals and as you’ve mentioned, their life spans are so much shorter than ours – this is a shared sorrow that we all have had to go through. I guess you have put it in the top-of-mind category.
    My family and I loved our dog – Elle – so very much and if you still have this site going in a while I’ll tell you her story – when I can get through typing it without short-circuting my computer while my tears stream down.
    Anyway – as I type this tonight -I know that you are on Long Island at a book signing – I am in Dutchess County NY, and would have loved to have attended. But, a good friend of mine is going and I’m sure that he will fill me in.
    Thank you for this awakening – Maybe we should form one big support group…..which you’ve already started.
    Barbara Hanlon
    P.S. We do have a new puppy – that my son brought home last winter. And, we’re falling in love all over again.