Tribute to Mickey

We met Mickey at the emergency animal hospital on the horrible day that we learned that our golden retriever would not survive her bout with pnemonia. Mickey was brought there by the beautiful people from Eleventh Hour Rescue, in an attempt to save his life. It was fate that Mickey would survive his bout with parvo, a life threatening puppy disease, and our fortune to be able to adopt him.

Mickey has been the light of our lives for the past three years. His needs were simple. He wanted to be near us…on the couch, sleeping in the bed, playing in the back yard, traveling in the car…but he was so timid with strangers, that in June 07 we decided to get a puppy for Mickey, to keep him company while we were away at school and at work.
Our new pup, Molly loved Mickey. We had many hours of pleasure this past summer watching them play and rough-house together. Three year old Mickey was like a puppy again!
In August, Mickey was diagonosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was aggressive, and in two short weeks, it completely diminished Mickey’s quality of life. We tried every medical intervention at our disposal to abate the growth of the tumor, but we were unable to save Mickey. We needed to make the tough decision.
My husband, sons and I were present in a room of the same emergency animal hospital that we met Mickey in three years ago…this time to say goodbye to him.

We are better people beacuse Mickey was a part of our lives. That is not what we expected when we adopted him. It happened because we loved him. God bless Mickey and Sprite, and all the animals who need us, and who save us.

Joanne from NJ