My girlfriend rescued our cat from a local animal shelter were she used to work. Timothy was abandoned there with his siblings at one week old and was the only kitten of the litter to survive. His health was in question until he was well enough to go home at 6 weeks old. He grew big and strong, and lived normally until he was 7 years old, when he was diagosed with kidney disease. We nursed him back to health using a variety of treatments that kept him stable and healthy for over 4 years. He never lost his good natured personality in spite of all the traumatic visits to the vet, the medication, and the discomfort. He enjoyed tomatoes, fruit, watching birds out on the fire escape, and lounging in the spring sun on the window ledge. We lost him this spring, when the illness was too much for him to bear. We are deeply saddened and miss him greatly.


Steve from NY