Tiger and Buddy

Hi, I have two dogs that were headed for the pound. Nobody wanted them because they are mixed breeds (pit-bull mixed with labs). These two males got along until adulthood. Over the past 12 years, these two dogs have fought a few bloody battles! I try to keep them in seperate rooms, but three times in twelve years they have jumped on each other and the blood letting has been pretty bad! The most rescent battle was due to a faulty gate lock that enabled them to mix in the yard. These are very violent episodes that make me and my wife cry, and discuss putting them down. Despite over $4500.00 in vet bills (3 fights) to get these dogs sewn up, we relent and keep the dogs. Our love for these dogs is too strong! Believe it or not, my wife sleeps in one bedroom with Tiger, and I sleep in the other bedroom with Buddy. I never thought I would be sleeping with a dog instead of my wife!!! If we sleep together without the dogs, they cry and wimper all night until slept with. These dogs are my children! They act like children! The photo is Buddy, dont have a photo of both together.

Wayne from MD