mark, your killing me. I lost my tibet 7 years and I’m sitting here hysterical.
I was a Head Nurse in a famous Emergency Rm in Brooklyn NY. I’ve seen thousands of patients die. But the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with was the loss of my cat. She was 18 years old and I knew she was going. I would sleep next to her on the floor, feed her with a spoon, and finally she walked into her bed and passed away. I had her to the vet a week before and he explained that she was old and couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She would die of natural causes which she did.
It took 7 months to stop crying until my detective friend called and begged me to take a black cat that she found in a backyard. he was a mess. Fleas, paws burnt, emaciated. I brought him to the vet and he said, well nurse you have a lot of work to do. I nursed him back to health and he’s my baby boy. He was and is a blessing. they are our children totally dependant on the care and love we give them.

Jacalyn from New York