Three Dogs

Dear Mark,
I remember three dogs distiinctly in my life. Simba, a German shepard mix, who was poisened at the age of eight months. Igglesby Beauregard Frapadoodle, a beagle-shelty mix, who lost his life to a hit and run driver at just under a year old. And Sam Houston Hound-dog.
Sam was the only puppy of a beagle mix mother and an Irish Setter father. He was born a year after I was. He died peacefully eighteen years later. When my brother told me about it we both cried like children, to us it was as if we had lost a third brother. I would like to have described some of the times we had, but even eighteen years later, as I think about it I can’t help but cry.
God Bless you for all you do to beat back the hordes, and God bless you for your love of animals.

David from Georgia