They are my life.

When our 17 year old daughter was murdered 22 years ago, to keep us going my husband and I started rescuing abused and abandoned dogs and cats. These years since we lost Debbie have been more bearable because of our animals. Then almost 10 months ago, I lost my husband after being on life support for a month. Now I face losing our home, and the worse part, losing our animals who depend on me so completely. My heart is broken losing my daughter and my husband, and now the agony of parting with these wonderful dogs and cats. I am absolutely devastated. These animals are all I have left, and they need me, and I definitely need them. They are my life.

Sharon from CO

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  1. Jess Says:

    I hope someday that a book can be written about the people who have devoted themselves to dog rescue. The sadness they face each day is huge, but in spite of it all they keep saving dogs.