Hey Mark,

I wanted you to know that I love your book “rescuing Sprite”. I too am a die hard pet lover. My “Sprite” was a Bassett Hound ,we rescued from the Bassett rescue, named Theo. “little T” and I went everywhere together. I went to work with me every day, went for little car rides when I needed to pick up my kids where ever the may have been. He was only with us since 2003, but stole my heart the instant I set eyes on him. He was my life. He made all of my bad days disappear with the wag of his tail. In june of this year we found out he had cancer. There was nothing we could do for him. Medication would only prolong his fate. I know he was in lots of pain, as he struggled to breathe with every breath. I made the horrific decision to “let him go”, and made the appointment. when that day came, as I was getting ready to go, he laied beside me. he was struggling real hard this day, so I took a moment to lay with him. I was rubbing him and talking to him, hoping to make him feel a bit better. Thats when it turned worse. He was not going to make it to his appointment. I put my arms around him, cuddling him one last time, told him it was ok, and to just go, between my tears, I told him Ioved him, and he took his last breath.

I understand your pain, and feel it with you! thank you for your book! It feels good to know I am not the only one who feels so deeply for their four legged family member.

Michelle from VA