The Loss of a Friend

I Once had a friend that waited and somehow knew when i would return from wor4k to greet me.
He didn’t ask for anything special, just a few crumbs from my snacks and a warm lap to rest on.
He loved to play with his toys when i sat on the couch, he knew it was playtime. If I put my coat on and he heard the rattle of my keys he would prance around and wonder if he’s going bye bye’s or have to get in his cage.
He never did anything destructive and was very well behaved, fo0r he was devoted to a kind and loving hand to stroke and comfort him when he needed love and attention.

When he needed medical attention I think he knew that i would not let him down and try to get help to cure his ailment. He had a lot of medical problems but he was worth every penny I spent on him for he was the best friend that anyone could ask for.

Unfortunatly he met with a tragic accident, for he took a leap into eternity and must have broke his neck in a fall.
After trying to breth the the breath of life back into him with CPR to no avail, it was hard to give up and pick up his limp and lifeless body and part company with such a companion and friend.
He will be remembered and missed very much, but if there is a doggy heaven I know he will be there for he was a good dog.

Farewell Zachary

Raymond from MD