The Bad Puppy

What wonderful, heartfelt tributes to the animal members of our families…. I just lost my buddy, a Lab/Border Collie mix who earned his unusual name, The Bad Puppy, as a small pup (it was the only name he would “answer” to) but grew up to become a loyal loving extremely intelligent companion. This dog was with me for some very significant times in my life, and just passed last Friday at the age of almost 3, due to illness. Obviously it’s still a fresh hurt, and I miss my friend terribly. The Bad Puppy’s gone where the good doggies go, free to roam and play in the fields of heaven, and climb all the trees he wants (yes, The Bad Puppy really did climb trees). Bad Puppy, good dog good friend, we love you and miss you, thanks for always being such a good boy

Casey from AL