Thank You

Mark – I am not going to take up time and space sharing my personal stories of joy and anguish, but instead I just want to thank you for sharing yours. I’ve been listening to you tonight, and that alone has brought me to tears. When I was three years old my parents took me to a zoo in Kansas City. There, while holding me up at a fence to pet a deer, they panicked and then endured, and I reveled in, the deer swallowing my little arm up to the shoulder. They proceeded to pull me out, I know, because here I am. I loved that deer, and was entirely calm through it all. That is my earliest memory, and the beginning of a life spent in love and communion with animals. I weep with you for Sprite, and rejoice with you for Sprite. When I can bear it I will read your wonderful tribute to him, which arrived from Amazon just a couple of days ago. God bless you, Mark, and thank you so much. You are a gift.
Anne from VA