Thank You

My german shepherd dog was only eight years old when she passed. It has been three years and I am still greiving. She died unexpectantly, fortunately my ex-husband was there. My ex and I loved her dearly and we both had custody over her. She gave us pure love, forgiveness, and companionship. We took her camping and on road trips. We took comfort in knowing that she was always protecting us. When I had my toddler niece with us, she would always keep an eye on her, it was instinct for her to watch over her.

I feel that I am still grieving because I did not get to say good by to her. She woke up early one morning, woke my ex up, he looked at her, knew something was wrong. She gave him one last lick on his face as he bend down to look at her, she closed her eyes and stopped breathing. I still feel a hurt that has not gone away, will it ever? I hope there is a heaven for animials so that some day we can see them again. I want to run on the beach with my blondie again, even if in my dreams. Well of course we all survive I have two cats now and plan on getting 2 shelter dogs in the next year.l will do what I can to fight against animal abuse and contribute to the aspca. I would hope and pray that all good people will do what they can for these animals that are really angels on earth. Mark, thank you for your wonderful show, I thought I was alone until I heard all the wonderful, loving callers telling you their stories. I actuallly started to feel better and not alone. There are others whom like me and you, do care and will always have a special place in our hearts for our pets.

Virginia from CA