This is a story of a DOG named Teddy who gave my 86 year old father, my sister and I life again after the death of a spouse and mother. Teddy a lapso apso shih tzu was rescued from the Northshore Animal League and for 9 Years brought back life to our home and family. People said we should get another dog so my sister purchased a shih tzu named Pepper. The two got along very well right from the beginning. But as God had another wish, he took Teddy away from us SUDDENLY on June 27th, during a thunder storm, Teddy was terrified of the thunder and kept jumping in and out of the bath tub and the last jump killed him. My sister being a nurse did CPR and mouth to mouth but to no avail. This had to be the SECOND worse day of my families life.

Teddy was a replacement for a wife and mother, and then he was taken from us. My father was not the same, as he put it, he had not cried so hard and so much since he lost his wife, you see Teddy and my dad would have conversations in the morning, and special petting times..Teddy was my dads best friend as he was to my sister and I. Pepper who is 8 was also very confused, he had lost his buddy as well. Since Teddy’s death, we have bought another dog into the family, (plus a cat which is truly new to my family), as in all the letters and notes written we who are animal lovers are very special, people we all seem to have a special bond…just by the number of notes I have read. To Mark Levin, thank you for making me feel right, that I think about Teddy daily, pat his cremation box to say hello, and to at times tear up remembering the wonderful times he brought to our family..Good night and God Bless

Regina from NY