I just purchased your book and on the way home there you were on Rush.  I am 79 yr old and we have
had alot of dogs in our lifetime but our last dog had lymphoma and the vet gave her prednison and she lived 5 more months. I was devastated when she had to be put to sleep. I cried for 3 weeks like you could not eat or sleep. We then went to Atlanta Pet Rescue and rescued Sam he was abused, shot in the eye, they knocked
alot of his teeth out, but he is the sweetest dog and hubby & I adore him. You are so right Mark, if you are getting a dog PLEASE PEOPLE GO TO THE RESCUE WEBSITES. These pets will love you when no one else does.
Your Griffen looked just like our Tasha that had lymphoma. Tasha had to be put to sleep Oct 3rd 2006. We loved her so much. Thanks Mark for the book.

Betty from SC