Dear Mark:

I had to let you know how much my wife (Shirley Mae) and I appreciated your recent stories regarding the process of a beloved pet passing on. The love they give us, and our returnng that love to them. Especailly when they need us the most!

Your expressed feelings came at a time when our Lil’ Kitty, Sylvestor, was suffering, had a stroke, and we had to have her put to sleep.

Sylvestor was a good Lil’
kitty. she was mostly black, with white feet and a white nose. She was a small cat. She never hissed or snipped at anyone.

I purposely “made” my wife, Shriley Mae, listen to your heartfelt words about your LIl’ Sprite. I was hoping that your words would help her in the days ahead.

Pets give us so much love and when their time comes, it’s our job to help them.

When Sylvestor passed away, Shirley turned to me and said: “You know, that Mark guy was right… and his words were a big help… I’m glad I got to hear him. He helped me a lot.”

Thanks again Mark!

Shirley says you and me are both crab-asses…. but she loves us anyway.


Walt from IL