I have not read your book yet, but plan to soon. My husband and I share our home with five lovable pooches. Some adopted and some give aways. One in particular I wanted to tell you about. Her name is Sydney. I work for a local rescue organization and we got a call about four great pyrenees mix pups that were about to be euthanized. There was one pup that seemed to watch my every move. We bonded instantly and I named her Sydney. She was a blonde and white ball of fluff. I took her home to get her ready for adoption while my friend Pat took the other three to rescue. Well, my husband and I ended up adopting Sydney. We had her for one weekend and took her to the vet for a check up that Monday. Monday night she got very sick. It was parvo. I stayed up with her all night giving her pedialyte, rubbing her, cleaning up her messes. I rushed her to the vet first thing the next morning. I was waiting in the parking lot for them to open. They kept her a week. I called everyday twice a day to check on that little baby. Well…Sydney is almost two now and as healthy as can be. I just think of her and wonder how she almost lost her life twice. Once to being on the line of euthanization because noone wanted her and almost dying of parvo. She is a great dog and we love her dearly.

Your story is so inspiring and I wanted to thank you for writing this book. I had a hound named Beasley that I adopted from a rescue about six years ago. We had her only a short while. She was much older than what was thought. She had stomach cancer. It seemed like her illness hit overnight. I had to have her put to sleep. There was nothing the vets could do for her. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. My heart broke and I cried for weeks. I can fully understand where you are coming from. I love and respect all animals, but I’m a dog person. They are such wonderful, loving and amazing creatures.

JenĀ from TN