My Ex-wife and I were offered the runt of a cat litter in 1992. Poor little thing was flea bitten. The first night she pooped all over our apartment. Shivering and crying as well. We took her to the vet the next day. The Vet thought we should think about putting her down. We decided on an option of medication and observation for a while. We didn’t even have a name for her yet. We told the Vet we just say, “come here Sweetie”. The name stuck! My Ex and I split in 2000. Sweetie went with me. She was always sick with something. One Vet said she was “ataxic”. Poor little one walked sideways sometime. It would always last for about a week and then go away! I was amazed at how tough she was. Always fighting. She taught me to be strong. So cuddly. Finally after twelve and a half years, she continued to get worse. I had her to the Vet six times in five weeks. She always fought back! After a Colonoscopy, she got so bad to the point that the Vet recommended I put her down. On Dec. 28, 2005 I had her put down.

I went to the pet store to get my now twenty-seven year old Cockatiel some food two days after I put Sweetie down. . I had to look at the Cats to be adopted. I knew I wasn’t ready. Of course there was a five month old kitten that came right up to the glass door and just stared at me. She looked just like my beloved Sweetie!! (She was the only cat that was roaming the room for the night. outside of her cage) . I thought there was a reason she was the only one out. I got a call from the friend that I got Sweetie from. I told her about this kitten that looked just like Sweetie. I didn’t think it would be right to get another cat that looked just like my last one. My friend suggested I wait about two weeks. Go back to the store and see if she’s still there. If she was it was a sign to take her home. I went back to the store and there she was!! Of course I met with her one more time and had to bring the little Doll home!! What a Cutie!!

I want EVERYONE to know that their pain will pass. Live goes on. There’s always a cat or dog that needs you!! Don’t hesitate to bring another friend home with you.

God Bless!!

Richard from Maryland