In May of 1993, we decided to adopt a dog from the local Humane Socirty. My daughter fell in love with two mixed terriers and could not decide which puppy to choose. She kept pacing back and forth and finally chose Sweetie over Curtis. Sweetie was the love of our lives. For fourteen years we loved her and she nurtured us both emotionally and spiritually. But on October 23, 2007 we had to make the most painful decision of our lives. Sweetie , (who was later renamed Zoe) was extremely ill and weak and we knew it was time for her to be with the angels. My family and I wrapped our Zoe in soft blankets for her final ride to the Emergency vet’s office. Saying our final good-bye to a faithful friend of fourteen years was the most heart-breaking act we ever had to do. But when she was gone, I leaned over to kiss her and then I knew…..Zoe was with the angels beecause she had a smile at the corners of her mouth. Thank you Zoe for being a part of my life.

Chris from MI