I ordered and read your book shortly after watching your interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox earlier this week. As a hospice grief counselor who also works with bereaved animal lovers, I want to thank you so much for writing this book. You write so honestly and openly about the profound impact that the life and death of your beloved Sprite has had on your own life, and I think your message is very important for others – especially men – to hear. Many men feel embarrassed or uneasy about expressing their grief at the death of a cherished companion animal, as if they don’t have a legitimate right to mourn. When an animal companion dies, there are no formal and public rituals where sorrow and tears can be expressed and shared. There is little opportunity either to talk about the death or to receive sympathy and support from others – and there may be little if any spiritual support.

By sharing your own story of love and loss, both in your book and in your interviews on the airwaves, you’re giving other men permission to feel, to express and to work through their own sorrow, too. What is more, you’re reminding all of us that what really matters in life is our relationships with our family members, whether they have two feet or four, and whether their coats are made of cloth or feathers or fur. You’re also raising public awareness of all the animals languishing in shelters waiting to be adopted, and I thank you for that, too. Your book is wonderful, and I am happy to be able to recommend it to all my clients and colleagues.

Marty from AZ