Sugar, my adopted, precous Dachshound, was rescued from abuse. i do not know the details. But I know that she has no remorse in her heart. Rather, all she has is unbounding love for me. She won’t take her eyes off me. I catch her peeking at me even when she is sleeping. She wants to be with me all the time, and crys when I have to leave her. She greets me with eager, open “arms”, begging to be held and hugged. She looks right into my eyes; I know that she has a soul.

One day It occurred to me that this is the way we should be towards our Father in Heaven.

And speaking of God, He has promised us that we willl be with our beloved pets in heaven. Isaiah 11:8

May this bring you comfort, Mark, and all of us who have lost beloved pets. We WILL see them again.

May God bless and keep you all and yours.

Virginia from Texas