In April 1993, I flew from Dallas to Albuquerque to visit my grief stricken little mother. She just couldn’t seem to recover from the death of my Dad after ten years of battling cancer. They were married for 60 years. Her health was declining and she could barely get out of her chair to go to the bathroom. Dee Dee (her grandmother name) looked at me and said “Janet, I just have to get something to take care of! Within ten minutes we were in the car headed for the animal shelter that was about 15 miles away.
We began walking the very long corridor with cages on both sides and dogs of all kinds vying for our attention. We got to the end and started back and Dee Dee said “I just can’t seem to find the dog for me.” We got clear back to the very first cage and she said “Oh look. I didn’t see that one.” There in the corner sat a tiny little black and white poodle-terrier mix, shaking like a leaf and looking scared to death. Dee Dee took this little dog to the “get acquainted” area outside and held her on her lap and hugged her for well over half an hour. She finally said “I like this one!”
During the next two hours we adopted “Sugar” with the promise that we would have her spayed when she was old enough. Dee Dee held Sugar all the way home.
When we got back to the house I told my Mom that I had better go get a little bed and a few supplies. I got back home, opened the door and there was my little mother lying on the living room floor and cradling her new little dog. Dee Dee rescued Sugar – but Sugar saved Dee Dee’s life!
My little Mother died on July 1, 2002. My husband and I inherited Sugar. What a precious little dog she has been. She is now over 14 and a half years old. She is doing well, is very happy and is extremely devoted to us. We dread the day that we won’t have her anymore but enjoy every single minute that she is with us now
Thank you Mark for bringing out the best in people who love their pets just like you love yours!

Janet from Colorado