I was 35 when I brought home my very first dog… a beautiful little Yorkie who I named Stefán. From the beginning, Stefán had serious health problems… gastro-intestinal issues, allergies, etc. I’m not a wealthy person, so the cost of his doctor visits and hospital stays took a toll on me. However, I quickly realized that was the least of my worries! The thought of losing my baby boy was just overwhelming and I vowed to do whatever was necessary to make his life a good one. I’ve had to sacrifice here and there, but it’s been worth every last cent to come home to my Stefán every night. He loves me so unconditionally… he lives his life to please me. And therefore, I have decided to live my life to please him. It is by far the most rewarding decision I have ever made in my life. The bond between a dog and his owner is strong… stronger than most human relationships. I’ve learned that over the past seven years and I will never forget it. I’m lucky to still have Stefán with me and I think of Sprite often and the grief that Mark feels over his loss. I pray that one day I will be able to handle this issue in a manner as dignified as Mark has. Rescuing Sprite is a testament to that bond.

Marge from NY