This is the story of our dog Spunky, yes he looks like a cat but he doesn’t know he is one.
Spunky was rescued from a shelter and was actually featured on TV during an adopt-athon.
My son really wanted a cat for his 5th birthday. My wife called me to tell me there were two cats left , one was beautiful and the other…..well, was Spunky. When I came home from work that day I met the new family member. “I hope he has a great personality cause he aint much to look at.”

He won my heart quickly by crawling up onto my shoulder, curling up and going to sleep. “What’s his name?” I asked. My son said “Spunky”, “Spunky? He looks more like Moe Howard” I replied. He didn’t act like a cat, not any cat I ever owned. He would run to the door to greet people, lick my son’s head, retrieve tinfoil balls, if I ask him “Where’s Vincent” he would go find him and you couldn’t make a sandwich without him being there. Spunk loves water. Showers, baths and once he opened the Bathroom door while I was peeing and leaped between my legs and into the toilet! I yelled causing my wife to scream from upstairs “What happened?!” I just yelled, “The cat is toilet trained.”

When my brother and his family came to visit from NY, my 3 year old nephew was meeting us for the first time. Being so far from home and in a strange land he was homesick and started to cry. It was Spunky to the rescue. “Watch this Joey, I bet you’ve never seen a flying cat.” I patted my chest and Spunky leaped to my shoulder, just as he did that first day. That broke the ice and we had a great time.

Moe is 11 now, every morning he runs upstairs and pushes his way into the room like Kramer making an entrance when he hears my alarm clock. He still runs to the door to greet us and anyone else. If you are in our house for more than ten minutes Spunky is on your shoulder. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body,not even with little kids. When he goes, I tell my wife we are gong to have him stuffed so I can put him on my shoulder.

Kevin from IL