I know exactly what Mr. Levin has been through. A few years ago we had to put down our dog Sprite, a Husky/Shephard mix. It was the hardest thing to do, but we knew it was for the best due to his declining health. He continues to remain in my heart and I think about him all the time. Since then, I have adopted two Shih Tzu’s, Corky and Murray, from a rescue. They have filled the void in my heart from the loss of Sprite. It is amazing the constant, unconditional love a dog gives a person! When I saw the title of Mr. Levin’s book, I felt completely compelled to read it. What a heart-warming story of companionship and faithfulness!


Marcie from KY



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  1. Donna Vorbach Says:

    Hi! I love looking at the picture of your two little dogs!!! The photograph has the quality of a great painting and I just want to pick up your little dogs and give them a hug!