I  enjoy you and your show much. This story happened in 12/04 We had a dog, Spot, that we had almost 14 years and yes, he was a part of our family. All of a sudden he began to get weaker and could not go up and down our steps. I knew something was wrong. It looked like he had been hit by a car, but that was not the case here. I will never forget it, it was Thanksgiving, and he was getting worse. He could not walk at all. I had to carry him outside so he could use the restroom, then I had to clean him up.It did not matter, because I had the hope of seeing him get better. But he didn’t, he got worse and I know by looking into his eyes that he did not want to live like this.

Anyway, I had taken him to the vet (emergency) and they diagnosed him of a central nervous condition which he would not get better. We kept taking care of him and he was getting worse by the day. We decided to go ahead and put him down. He slept in our den, close to us while he was sick. After our decision, I called our family vet to arrange his day. Well it seemed that he heard me on the phone with the vet. She was going to come and administer the shot on Wednesday, but he passed on his own on Tuesday afternoon. I am just wondering if he actually knew of his demise. It has been a couple or three years now and we still miss him. He is laid to rest in our back yard along with our cat of 18 years. We now have a Malamute that seems to help with the healing, we now love our new pet alike as we did Spot, but no pet can take his place, we still miss him, and our cat. Our new pup is just a little over a year and the vet said that his vision is 30% gone because of cataracts. She said the surgery was expensive, I told my wife to start saving for it. I will send a picture later.

Ron from NC