Spiritial Dog Story

This is what I call my ‘spiritial dog story. ”
I have owed many dogs in my 49 years. I have loved each of them but there is one dog who I knew for a brief 2 months. It is her story that affected me in a very unique way.
In route to the store, I slowed down to say “hi” to my neighbor. She asked me if I wanted a dog and showed me the dog who had been hanging out in the neighborhood. It was early December, cold and the dog looked kind of pityful. I said “no, we have our black lab and I can’t take in another dog” and drove off. The second those words came out of my mouth it was like I knew they weren’t true! It was like the words became jumbled up in my brain. It was an odd moment-what I call a “spiritual” moment.
I went on about my life and about a week later I heard something outside my front door. There was the dog on my front porch. I got her a clean bowl of food and water and placed it outside. She accepted it and as I spoke soft words to her, I realized that she was exhausted!
She allowed me to take her to our fenced in back yard. She paced and paced- she wanted out but something told me to keep her in the yard so she could rest. And rest she did. After a few days she let me give her a bath. Needless to say, she became our dog and we loved having two dogs.
The check up at the vet’s held some bad news for us. She had heartworms.The vet treated her for the heartworms and she came through it all beautifully.
Two months later my husband woke me up early and said that “Casey” had died in her sleep on the couch. It was heartbreaking.
I became depressed. I sat out in the backyard and it felt like a black cloud was over my head. I cried and cried and couldn’t stop. I cried more for this dog that I only knew for 2 months than any other.
I finally couldn’t shake it so I prayed to God to please give me “peace” about Casey dying.
That night I had the most incredible dream. I was in a place far away. There was a big body of water with a big cliff in it. There was Casey and I ran to her and was so happy to see her. Somehow she let me know that she was fine and I was happy!!!!
When I woke up, I instantly remembered the dream. I got out of bed and I felt strange. I felt like I had travelled a great distance that was “up” and far away. I didn’t feel grounded. I walked around the house for about 30 minutes before I felt like myself.
God answered my prayer because after that dream, I never cried for Casey again. God had given me peace!
God does put things in our path and its up to us as to how we react to it.
I leave you with a sentiment that I say to people who have lost beloved dogs. I let them know that it is sad that God has given a dog so few years to live but if he gave dogs the same years as humans, we would only have one pet in our lives to love. God’s design allows us to have “many dogs” with a variety of pets to love in our lifetime!!!!

Tracy from Florida