Spike, that’s his name. He was a Manx — the cat with no tail. You know they come from the factory that way.

I lived overseas for many years, and when I returned I decided to get a buddy. I picked up Spike at the Cat Show. He was bouncing all around the cage and seemed perfect for me.

Spike let me live with him for 22 years. He was always there when things at work went bad. He went with me to Atlanta for a couple of months when I had to undergo prostate treatment.

His last days were the worst time in my life. I spent the last night sleeping on the floor with him. I think he knew the time had come. The next day is one I will never forget.

I had Spike cremated and he is in a nice box sitting on his favorite chair in the dining room looking out the window at the birds that he loved to watch. I speak to him every day.

Thanks Splike for letting me be your friend.

I tried several times to send his photo, but it would not go — perhaps he wants to stay just with me.

John from MI