My husband and I finished your book this week and it’s wonderful. Thank you very much for writing it! We are very sorry and hope all is well with you and your entire family. Thank you again for sharing such personal moments.

We were amazed at the similarities. I was the person who grew up without dogs in the house. When my husband, Matt, and I engaged, we brought a Cocker Spaniel in to our family. Matt’s five year-old son named the dog Spike. December 2006 we would have Spike for six years. He had to have a total ear ablation. He made it through surgery; however, the next morning died from a blood clot. I nearly feel to the floor when I received the call. I as well went through a few months of guilt and depression. Although I did months of research on the surgery and talked to several professionals, I took on the fact that I made the appointment, I took him there…I did this to him. The worse part, I had to call my husband at work with the report on his dog. I stayed with Spike for a long time holding him, crying and telling him I was so sorry. I missed everything about him. I could write a list of things as you did in your book. My heart was breaking. Matt later went to visit and we decided to bring him home.

He was placed in his bed, curled up as he would do and buried so deep into the ground. I’ve never seen a hole that large and that deep, dug by such anger and emotion. In February 2007, Matt began searching PetFinder. I didn’t want another dog. I wanted Spike. I didn’t want to hurt another dog (I was still not dealing well with the feeling of being responsible). Reluctantly, I went with my husband and two boys to visit Cooper. Cooper was available through the Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas. He and his brother were basically starved in their backyard before being owner surrendered. We drove for miles to visit Cooper. My first impression – from going to Cocker to Setter – Cooper was HUGE! Long story short, after visiting with Cooper and another Setter, we decided on Cooper. Following the adoption approval, he came to our home and again I thought he was a giant, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work.

The next week, my husband left town for 10 days to attend a family funeral. Cooper got an ear infection. My heart broke. I now had to make an appointment and take him back to that office. I was sitting in the same room where I held Spike’s cold body. After mild treatment, Cooper’s ears were fine. During those 10 days something happen, Cooper and I formed a bond that can not be broken. He now follows me constantly, he curls up with us in bed, he rides in the truck to take the boys to school, to the park, to Home Depot, on visits with family and friends. He is family.

I awoke this morning from a dream about Spike…or Spikey. I miss him a lot but know he’s in a better place with ears that are feeling wonderful. Maybe Spikey and Spritey are having a good time together today.

Thank you again for your book. I tell everyone about it as I work with amazing dog lovers who will relate. You’re a gem. Take care of you and your wonderful family.

Teddi from TX