Mark, I’m listening to you chat with Sean Hannity about your new book. We have rescued 3 Greyhounds. We had to say goodbye to our first one, Spice, 2 years ago. It was the most heart wrenching thing I have ever done. We cried and cried then, as soon as we could, we rescued another beautiful, sweet Grey. By the way, our boy’s name is Cloud and our new baby girl’s name is Skye. When we lost Spice, I thought about the fact that whatever time we have together is well worth the price we pay. Greyhounds were dropped off in the desert when the racing industry was finished with them. Most Greyhounds are older, 5 or 6, when they become available for adoption so the time is even shorter. They are so sweet, loving, adorable and grateful they are just worth everything. Cloud is 10 and I am watching him slow down. He hangs on me, he’s my shadow. I cannot imagine life without him. However, I know that time will come. I would not have missed one minute of this wonderful animal’s life. I plan to buy your book for my husband and for my dog worshiping sister who jokingly said that the secret is, “Just don’t get attached.” Oh sure. How do you do that?

We share your love of dogs and your love of Sean Hannity.

God Bless,

Mary from CA