Sparkie was his name, he was a minurature schnauser. 10 years old, greated me each day when I got home from work. The neighbors loved him, what a dog. 1997, my wife left me with 4 kids and Sparkie. It was hard for a long time., we made it by being a family, sparkie was a big part of that. He was starting to loose his eye sight, not bad but getting worse. Sparkie never roamed , he loved it at home. One day he was not at home to greet me, I knew something was wrong. We looked all over the neighbor hood, no Sparkie. Something is wrong. We searched all possible places he might be, the pound etc. No Sparkie. Aeek went by, we got a call from the neighbor behind us, he had some bad news. Sparkie had wandered into his back yard in the dark and fell into their pool. The pool was half full, Sparkie could not get out. Sparkie dround in that pool. My oldest son and I pulled sparkie out of that pool, we will never forget that moment…..NEVER…..Please Mark, remember all the great times you had with your dog, you got to say godbye to your dog…We never got to say goodbye to our dog. You’ll be ok, we still have a hard time trying to replace our great dog…

Michael from OR