Sophie, a beautiful Corgi, jumped into my arms when she was 3 mos. old. A friend had brought her to a horse show, and had her in her arms when I went up to say hello. It was very strange, but that is what happened. Well, immediately we all knew that Sophie had to go home with me. My friends and I enjoyed her during that show, and then went home – to meet my husband, David.

Well – when we got home, David was not at all pleased. You see, we had lost 2 beautiful dogs about 6 mos. earlier – they were 15 years old. So, David did not think he wanted another canine in our lives. Sophie however, did not know that David was not pleased – and she beagn to win him over very quickly. He even named her (originally is was Sissy) and we began to see what a wonder she was. We both loved and enjoyed her very much – she went on trips and was a constant companion to us both. Waiting at the door when we drove in, wanting to go to the barn with me – and even loved to “work” the horses as if she was a border collie. She loved the barn, our grandkids, and everyone she met.
She was so beautiful and special. This past summer, she began to lose her appetite. Our vet checked for everything – tests, medications, etc. He worked with Texas A&M to determine exactly what was going on. We had some very diffficult times with her – but were able to keep her at home where she was happiest. Finally, she stayed very close to me one evening, and the next day David knew she was going. She is now buried close to the barn where she is close to things she loved.
It is so very hard not to see her at the door every day when I get home. I know there will not be another one – and yes, as you have guessed, I am crying as I write this. However, I have so much enjoyed listening to you talk about Sprite and letting others know just how much a special friend a dog can be. Thank you so very much for sharing this part of your life with others – it has made a very big difference and has given many an outlet to share their stories. And, thank you for letting me get this out.

Ka from Texas