I  wrote to you a few days ago and told you about our dog “Snuggles”. I too had Snuggles cremated but his ashes are sitting on my dresser with his picture. I just finished reading your book-it was a very moving book. It made me laugh and it made me cry. My Snuggles also took the ham off the table one Easter-I thought for sure he was going to get sick-we practically had our hand down his throat to get it out of his mouth.

In January when I took him for his yearly checkup that is when the vet said his kidneys were starting to shut down so she changed his diet. Between him not adjusting to food, getting sick on and off and the two operations on his mouth for the tumors he was to the vet 8 times in 10 months. I keep asking myself if there was something else I could of done for him and if changing the food because of the kidneys was the start of all this. I keep second guessing myself also.

I know deep down he loved us very much and we loved him very much-he was spoiled alot by all of us. He had his bath every 5 weeks and he went everywhere with us. He was a big part of our family and we will miss him dearly. They say it gets easier but I don’t think so-just have to keep thinking of the good times we had with him and how much company he was. Those big eyes looking up at you when you are leaving the house; those big eyes looking up at you when you come back home. He used to hear the car pull in the driveway and he would be in the window looking out-he would lay his chin on the window sill and just stare out at us and then run to the door. He loved to be with you-if you left the room lately he would bark because he didn’t know where you went. Maybe he knew something wasn’t right.

I know I could just go on and on but I am glad you wrote the book and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it-it is well worth reading. I love your dog corner-reading other listeners stories is helping me to get through this time.

Thank you Mark,
Jackie from NJ