i adopted snuffy in 96 in northern va. i had just moved there and a coworker had complained of her husband abusing the precious thing. ive always had an eye for cockers so i agreed to take him in. the day i imet him in the parking lot of work i thought he was the ugliest thing id ever seen. he was mid-puppydom you know, lost his puppy innocence but not yet full grown but i took him nonetheless. after two weeks of trying to housebreak this monster i offered him to a kid outside my apt in woodbridge, va. the kid took him home and i was rid of snuffy forever! i wouldnt have to clean the carpet anymore as if that were a huge challenge anyway. well my joy suddenly turned to dismay as the kid brought snuffy back and described the urinefest that occurred in his apt and his mother demanded he be returned.

i cleaned a lot of carpets for a while but snuffy was there for me through a bout with depression/alcoholism. no matter how bad things were he was right there with me sleeping every night next to me. i dont think i would have recovered if not for him. in 2000 i moved to san francisco. i left snuffy with my father who had just recently lost a cocker. not long after that my father had an aneuryism and several strokes. he was given a 5% chance to live. in the hospital he would whistle and call snuffy all the time. thank god hes home now and functioning normally. i am re adopting snuffy from him as i have settled down. mr snuffy is deaf and 90% blind now thanks to cataracts. i want to make his last days as comfortable as possible. he has guided not only me but my father in times of need. i thank god every day that kid in nova didnt keep him. i dont agree with your political views very often mr levin but you have my complete respect for your heart. i look forward to reading about the beauty that is sprite.

Kevin from NC