I do not have a picture of my cat with me today, as I’m not at home right now, but just a short story about Snowy, my cat. I bought him when he was only about 6-8 weeks old, from a pet store for 30.00. He had a sore eye, when I bought him, so I actually had to leave him there, for a few days yet. Snowy was my first totally white cat in my life. I’ve had cats throughout my life. I was finally at a point where I wanted a totally white cat, though all cats, tall, short, whatever colour, a cat is a cat, and I love them all. When we got around to Snowy, it was kind of interesting. My husband, me and our only child at the time were walking through a mall, in a city we had just recently moved too. Everything was strange, and I didn’t know if there was a pet store in that mall, but I wanted to check out the whole mall before we left, so I kept asking my husband to justplease go around that one corner yet, in the mall. He finally gave in, and lo and behold there was a pet store.

We walked in but to my disapointment no cats. I don’t know why, but for some reason I walked around that one corner in that store just to check out what was there. It looked as if maybe it wasn’t for clients, but I looked anyway. There in a lonely cage sat a beautiful white kitten all by himself. It was a connection at first sight. I was determined to get that cat. And I did.I remember when taking him home a few days later, him crying softly, unsure of where he was being taken, I held him close to my face and told him, I’d love him like no other person ever could. Over the next almost 15 years that love was many, many times multiplied back to me. Snowy became very protective of me. When my husband would check the water in the tub for warmth to bathe our young son, Snowy would litterally attack my husband, ’cause that water was for me. Also whenever my husband and me would play around a bit wild and loud, Snowy would come up behind my husband and attack him from behind.

He’s also make sure that my children, later we had a daughter, would play nice together. If they got too wild, he’d attack our son, who is almost 6 years older. Whenever I would take one of our children into a seperate room for some discipline I’d have to lock Snowy out, or he would attack my child. Whereas if my husband would take the child in a seperate room, he’d attack my husband. So it was first me, then the children, and yet also my husband. One time we had 5 boys at our place ranging from ages 11-17 years old, and my nephew told his friend that Snowy would attack him if he would behave too wildly. His friend laughed it off saying a dog maybe, but a cat?, never! A shoet while later I noticed everything was totally quiet in the next room, where all the 5 boys had been wrestling, and as I went to check it up, the boys were all standing on the couch, and Snowy was sitting on the floor n front of the couch, just making sure they all stayed there. I wish I had a picture of that scene.

This year beginning of MArch Snowy got very sick. I was told by the vet that his kidneys were failing. Through medications we got him well yet again, and he was doing pretty good for about 2,1/2 months. Then he once again got very sick, and I was told to consider puttting him down, cause this time his heart was failing. I just could not briing myself to do it, and again through medications he still lived another month. But during this month it was very obvious he was slowly getting worse. I’ve never had such a hard month. I was always hoping I’d never have to call the vet to come and put him down. I felt I could just not live with myself if I’d do that. I always felt I’d betray Snowy like that at the end. I mean what did he do when I was sick. He just simply was by my side and stayed with me. Now at a moment in his life when he most needed me I’d go and have him put down?! It’s a choice almost unbearable. I realized that June night on the 6’th that he was dying. He had quit drinking and eating and was too weak to stand up by himself anymore. I cried all night long begging and pleading with God to take him, but Snowy was still bearly alive in the morning. Somehow, through the night I slowly came to the realization that I’d have to call the vet in the morning, which I did. At 10:35 on June the 7’th Snowy was put to sleep on my lap, in our living room by our vet.

I’ve cried gut wrenching tears over and over, and even now as I write this again. Sometimes I wonder how it is possible to hurt so bad when one loses a pet. But Snowy was more than just my pet. He was my friend, constant companion, and my partner. He knew what I was thinking it seemed. When I started to pack clothes to go on a trip he’d climb into the shoulder bag wanting to go along. When I came home he was always there ready by the door to greet me, no matter whether I’d been gone one hour or days. I go visit his grave every day, and though I know he can’t hear me I still talkto him, ’cause it brings me comfort. I could go on and on, but I have to go. All the best, from my heart to all those that have lost a precious pet.

Hilda from Ontario