Snavely, Moxley…

After hearing you today on Sean Hannity’s radio show (I just love your voice!) I had to write. We have had standard poodles since 1993; the first two were brothers from w different litters but the same parents. Snavely lived to be 12 and had to be put down in 2005 and Moxley lived to be 14 and we lost him in 2007. Each time my husband and I were absolute wrecks and litterly cried for two days and each time we said we didn’t think we could stand to go through the heartbreak again but tonight Jasper our two year old male standard poodle, Blossom, our 8 year old female standard, and our newest little cotton ball, Gunther, born September 7, are laying at my feet. No one but a fellow pet lover could understand how totally they are a part of my life. Sean Hannity mentioned that even after experiencing the terrible lose of both his parents, he so dreads the lose of Snowball. I think the reason why this is so very hard is that they are always so innocent and want only to be near us. I thank you for putting your story on paper and sometime in the future I’d like to read it even though I know it will just make me cry!

Gail from Ohio

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  1. Raphael Rea Says:

    Sprites’ story was so much like my Fenians’.
    A half-Collie/half-Golden Retriever Fenian was horribly abused as a small puppy, and the good people at Collie Rescue actually had to steal him to get him out of the abusive situation. [The police here in Ga. won’t do squat unless they “witness the abuse” personally.] Fenian never trusted men but, over the course of our first year together, he did finally trust me. He always loved my wife. He was a fierce and independant dog from the start, hence the name. He suffered from hip problems and always had a slight limp, but he was never slow to defend his territory, (which included basicly whatever he could see). He would chase intruders until they stopped and then run back to me and continue to bark from behind my legs. Fenian had to sleep on our bed if there was a storm at night or get on the couch if it were in the daytime. He developed a tumor in his brain and despite all the best Vets. we could find could do he became unable to even stand up. We made his days last as long on the earth as we could, I am afraid I let it go to long, but the time came to say good-by. The last few hours are nightmarish. Waiting for the Vet to open, waiting and watching a pure soul leaving, even knowing you were doing what was best saying good-by is a pain that can not be adequatlly described. Igrew up with animals and losing them is something I know happens but the pain of it is always just as bad as loving them has been good. God made them as they are so humans could have an idea of what we should be.