Mark you are remarkable, kind, tenderhearted, dedicated, and have a great propensity for helping folks that have lost family members and that includes their pets. Thank you and God Bless you.

Besides Skippy belowI have had two other friends, Mokie a Seberian Husky and Shadow a Peekapoo and both of them have passed away of old age .

I write poetry and this poem is about “My Pal Skippy”. 50 years ago Skippy was my buddy and pal

My pal Skippy was a tan spitz mix. He was the most loyal dog and full of tricks.

I loved him because he was my friend, so true. You couldn’t help loving him because he would easily show his love to you.

My pal Skippy was medium-sized, if you please. He would guard his territory, including me, and protect it with ease.

I am 63 years old, but there isn’t a single day, that I don’t think about my Skippy in everyway.

My pal Skippy liked to go swimming and on the way would trot along beside my knee, He would dive in just after I did to watch over and protect me.

My pal Skippy was more then a good friend. He was an outside dog but on real icy cold days I would bring him in.

My pal Skippy had to be restrained or put up, because when we played football and I got tackled Skippy to protect me would interrupt.

Now Skippy loved to chase squirrels and rabbits, but chasing chickens was not one of his habits.

My pal Skippy got accused by an elderly neighbor of doing something he didn’t do, since he never chased chickens, I knew it wasn’t true.

We were ordered by the Sheriff to take and drop Skippy twenty-five miles from his home, although I begged, pleaded, kicked up a fuss, and cried my Skippy was gone.

It really hurt because Skip had faith and trust in me to take care of him, but two weeks later he was found innocent, the elderly neighbor passed away, and the chance of finding Skippy was very slim.

My pal Skippy to find him I went back out on that road for he was my buddy, but I had no luck in finding Skip after checking behind many bushes with a close study.

My pal Skippy, I never found hide or hair, out on that road my thoughts of him, I called his name with no reply, and I set down and cried a long time right there.

My pal Skippy knowing him as I did, he crawled over behind a bush, and with a broken heart, crushed feelings, and destroyed love, his life went out of him and all movement stopped as he was deceased.

I will remember my pal Skippy always and forever, as I love him even more today and will forget him never.

Jim from Kentucky