I can so identify with your love and loss with Sprite. I sent in a story about my Golden Retriever named Sierra, who made it three weeks short of 18 years. A definite miracle dog, as my Vet called her.

Very shortly after her passing I ran into some people at church that were raising a Service Dog for Canine Companions for Independence. Long story short, I “reluctantly” volunteered to raise and train a service puppy (after all, I just lost a dog after 18 years – and now had to give one up after 16 months).

Let me tell you that it has been the greatest joy of my life and I am blessed over and over again with being involved in this program. CCI gives dogs, at no charge, to disabled people primarily in wheelchairs. And these are incredible, dedicated, and loving dogs. Their web site is www.cci.org is you want to read more.

Right now I am on my THIRD pup named Zena – and you actually met her briefly. I was at the Freedom Concert in San Diego and brought her with me. Unfortunately you were rushing off, but took the time to give her a brief pat on the head. She got to meet Sean Hannity and she enjoyed the concert as well. That’s the great thing about raising these pups, with their vests you can take them most everywhere.

God bless you for adopting and giving a wonderful life to Sprite. I ordered the book and can’t wait for it to arrive. As a grown man it’s hard to say that I will have the tissues ready – but I will.

Bruce from CA