Just finished Rescuing Sprite. Mark, God finds us in any number of ways, and generally we are humbled by the experience. I have heard you describing Sprite so many times, and when I read your book, I realized that God did come to you through Sprite. Sprite was not just any dog, he was you. You both are loving without reservations, and both of you had physical ailments. God meets us where we are, and he made you so vulnerable and helpless you prayed. I think what God was telling you was “Mark – you know how much you loved Sprite? I love you more”. Sprite was not in your lives for no reason. Take Rush’s suggestion and read The Case for Christ. Love your show, loved the book and love that God is tapping you on the shoulder. I pray for you, your health and your family.

My beloved dalmation, Shelley, was put to sleep when I was 16, and my father could not speak of her until the day he died without tearing up. She died 42 years ago, and we still talk about her with fond remembrance. They truly are members of our families and are forever sorely missed. Thanks for giving all of us the opportunity to meet and get to know Sprite and Pepsi – and more importantly you and your marvelous family.

Deborah from WA