Shed Several Tears

I ¬†just finished your book and must say I shed several tears. I recieved the book yesterday from a dear lady who knows I am dealing with a cat who is in renal failure and giving her SQ fluids everyday and medications and special food. Luckily I am a veterinary technician and have the support of everyone in my clinic. My torcher is wondering if I am going to be able see when it is time to let her go. I keep thinking because I am a vet tech that I should be doing more than the average person should be doing. Not that I love her more than anyone else loves their cat/dog/animals, I just feel like I should try and try and try. It’s my job to do that. Anyway, my friend and I had a good cry yesterday morning during her appointment because she had been in the ER with her cat overnight because he became hypoglycemic and almost died. His BG was 23!!!!! He is much better now, but she tried to tell me that my kitty would let me know when she was ready to go. I hope in the end she will. I also adopted her from a shelter and this January she will be 19!!! I just wanted to say your book is amazing and I loved it.¬† Thanks again!!

Jackie from TX