When I was 5 years old,my parents gave me my first dog.I always enjoyed playing with my dad’s bird dog Angel,but now I had a dog I could call my very own!

He was an Austrailian Sheepdog puppy and I took him everywhere.I named him “Shaggy”.

In my neighborhood,most all of the children I had to play with that were close to my age were girls.I generally got along with the girls very well,but occaisionally the girls would start getting attitudes toward me and clique up.

The girls would start out being snobbish to me and eventually start picking fights with me.Some of these girls were 3 or 4 years older than me and twice my size-they seemed like giants!

Well,one day the girls started there little bullying thing and kicked me off of my swingset.They thought they were real bulldogs.What they didn’t realize was that my little pup had grown up into a big Sheepdog!

Shaggy was always very brave and protective over me;he wasn’t about to let those girls bully me.It was Kathy,Kelly,Lisa and Missy against me and every time I would jump into a swing,they would all push me out and take the swing.

This had gone on for about 15 minutes when Shaggy had taken about all of it he could stand.The girls were swinging on my swing set and laughing at me when Shaggy started growling and barking at them.They yelled,”Shut up Shaggy,you’re a stupid boy too!”.Shaggy shut up alright,and then promptly ran behind the swingset and as the girls swung back,he promptly jumped up and nipped at there butts!!!

While Shaggy didn’t actually bite the girls,he scared the living daylight out of those girls and they never pulled that stunt again!

I had Shaggy for years after that until one day some one stole him.I know he didn’t run away because he would never go out roaming unless he was with me.I believe that wherever he went,he made it alright because he was such a good and smart dog.He was my best childhood friend-I will never forget him!

Terry from OK