Eleven years ago my husband and I purchased a little Border Collie mix from a pet shop. We were going to give this cute little black fur ball to his mom and dad for Christmas. Two weeks after we had given him as a gift, my husband’s parents didn’t want him. I cried until my husband gave in and let us keep him. We named him Shadow. Upon taking him back, he had a seizure one afternoon. I rushed him to our vets, and discovered that he had epilepsy. The vet said he had been hit in the head several times, and this was the cause. We didn’t speak to his parents for two years following this. Finally, I said we had to learn to forgive. In the hectic everyday life of ours, Shadow was the stability. Along the way Shadow developed Auto Imune Arthritis. He was on medication morning and night. I would do it for a million years if I had to. We also have a Greater Swiss Mountain/Blue Healer mix. We got him at Lifeline Pet Rescue.


The two became quick friends, and have been buddies since. Well, here is the sad part. In July my husband contracted West Nile Virus, had a stroke, was in a coma for four and one half days, then had to have cervical surgery. My dogs were my saviors at this time. Four months had passed, when finally some progress was made with my husband. (By the way I am a below knee amputee) So taking care of everyone in the house, was up to me. It was hard, but my dogs were always there for me. When I would cry, they were there to comfort. God was truely looking out for us. As my husband survived with very little long term effects.
On November 3, 2007 I had to make the decision to end my Shadow’s suffering. His liver had failed, and he was in extreme pain. I have never felt so emotionally sad in my life. The guilt is so very hard to take. I was strong through all the illness with myself and my husband. This had dropped me to my knees with grief.

My husband and I both read your wonderful book, and it came at such an appropriate time. It is still too soon to feel any healing. Emotions are so raw, but thank you for the web site. Thank you for the book, and thank you for loving your dog.
We are avid Rush and Sean Hannity fans, and this is how we found the book. So thank your friends from us also, as we would not have known about Rescuing Sprite without them.

Velda from MN