In the fall of 1996, someone had dumped a black dog on the side of the road. I can’t put pen to paper to describe what I think of dog dumpers. The dogt stayed at a stop sign and everytime someone stopped, it would stand up and look to see if it’s owner had come back for it. Which they never did. My husband said, if I go by there and that dog is still there, I’m going to take it home.” To my relief, It was gone. The end of the story so I thought.

It was very cold In February of 1997, when a black dog, which we are certain was the dog at the stop sign, wandered up to our house. It was very frightened and wouldn’t eat as long as we were around. If we tried to approach, it would run away. It lived in the shadows, so we named her Shadow. She finally began to trust us and we were able to approach her and pet her. At that time, we discovered she was pregnant. We took care of her and shortly she gave birth to six puppies.

We decided to keep her. I didn’t really want a dog and I didn’t love her, but I felt sorry for her She was a chow and border collie mix. I really didn’t want a dog.

Well, it wasn’t long before I did love her. It hard not to return love to something that loves and trust you so much. What a wonderful dog she turned out to be. So kind and gentle. Content with whatever life sent her way.

Recently she quit eating. I knew something was seriously wrong. Bloodwork proved my worst fears. We got a call from our very kind veterinarian on Thanksgiving afternoon with the results.

Tomorrow we take Shadow to see Dr. Rice for the last time. My husband and I made the deciision to alleviate her pain and suffereing. Just to let her go. But with her she take a big part of my heart.

It is just tearing my insides out to make this decision of whether she lives or dies.

My intentions for writting this were not so much to share my story, but to release some of my pain.

I want to thank you Mark for allowing me to do this.

Sue from TX