Seeing Eye

Our family raised dogs for the Seeing Eye growing up in Chester, New Jersey. It was a program run by the Seeing Eye through 4H. Families would receive a puppy and have the responsibility / privilege of raising these puppies for approximately 1 year. They became members of our family, it was always a difficult day when the woman from Seeing Eye came to pick-up “our” dog to take them to Seeing Eye training. The difficulty of that moment was made easier, by our option, to select to receive a new puppy at the same time they picked-up “our” dog.

We did that as a family for 7 years. After the dogs completed training, we were allowed to watch “our” dog go through their training run with one their trainers in Morristown prior to being assigned to their new owner. It was always amazing to see those puppies that we raised become the eyes for someone and change their lives.

The years we spent raising puppies to become Seeing Eye Dogs was both rewarding and a great family activity. We always had the chance to receive our “puppy” back if he / she did not pass Seeing Eye training. Our last dog Jake was cut because he had and under-bite with his teeth. (The Seeing Eye invests so much training into their dogs that they must be as close to perfect as possible for them to be included in the training program.) We were awarded Jake and he became our family dog. He was with us for many years, and we loved having him as our dog for keeps.

He was running outside one evening and darted into the road in front of our home and unfortunately was struck by a car. My dad and I rushed him up to our Vet to try an save him, but on our way up, with Jake sitting on my lap in the back of the station wagon, Jake passed on.

A friend of mine has a sign in her home, it reads “I hope to become the kind of person my dog thinks I am” I share her sentiments.

Scott from MA