MY Seamus was a large yorkie, only 8 yrs old. too young to die. But he did, and a part of me died too. I held him the whole night before we had toput him down,(my husband had to dothat) I begged him to live, I had been hand feeding him for months. Kidney disease did him in, and he was so sick. rreminds me of him. I have. I did have another dog when this happened, it helped, but not so much. After a few months I went out andgot two puppies. One is a silkie, and he is named Seamus 2.they look like yorkies (have yorkie in the breed) and his is larger like my other dog was. I love him, but he is not my Seamus. The other dog is a shitese I love him too, but again they fill in the hurt,but they are not my SEamus. My key board is wet right now from tears. Maybe it is because I had to make the decision to put the dog to sleep, I feel like I murdered him, maybe it is guilt for having to do this to one of the things I loved most in life. MY Seamus..I hope he meets me someday in heaven. I ask that of God to just surround me with my loved ones for eternity. There should be another dog waiting for me he was Lancer also a large Yorkie, but he did me a favor, he had a stroke or something in my house, and he and the rug were a mess, I yelled at him, not knowing, then took him outside to clean him up. Took off his collar to clean his neck area with the hose, he bit me left ( something he never did, we loved each other) and never came back. The vet said he knew he was dieing and did not want toput me through it. I believe that. So for Lalncer and for Seamus I will buy this book read it and have a great cry. Thanks for the opportunity to get this out. Felicia Dorste, a devoted listener.

Felicia from NY