11 years ago 1 month after my wife and i got married we brought home a bundle of joy a boxer we called scout. he was so special to us we did everything together he even slept in our bed. 2 years latter our son was born this changed the dynamics of our household but scout adjusted wonderfully and he became best friends and protector of my son. he was a great companion through the years. in aug. 12/ 07 my precious 30 year old nephew was killed in a motorcycle accident 2 days latter as i was preparing to go to my nephew’s veiwing my scout just died he didn’t suffer he was just old but i haven’t really been able to grieve although he is missed dearly everytime i think about losing scout my thoughts go to the lose of my nephew. it’s a difficult situation for us. thank you mr.Levin for this forum and your book.

Bill from TX