Mark, I waited weeks and received your lovely book last weekend from Amazon. I lost my lovely little Scout, a border terrier, last April. She had just celebrated her 13th birthday but was going downhill quickly. Her epilepsy began at age 3. Despite being controlled by medication she progressed to irritable bowel and the medications slowly affected her liver and other organs.

We made many urgent trips to the vet over the years. She never complained and was my buddy sleeping on my bed. She was my solace as I lost family members to age and illness always ready to kiss my tears or just sit at my feet. She wasn’t much of a walker and I had to carry her on a 10K walk we took. She loved the car. When I got airbags in the passenger seat she was relegated to the back seat strapped in her seatbelt. She was so miffed at being put in the back seat she ignored me the whole trip. Scout eventually fell in love with the back seat and could stretch out even while hooked into the seatbelt. I grew up with dogs but never had to euthanize a pet.

They always seemed to die quietly while sleeping. I am a nurse but this was the most difficult decision I had to make. I called friends, searched the internet for answers to weigh all the options but I had to make that final decision. “Scouter” and I took one last drive and I played the Ave Maria over and over again while trying to get the courage to walk into the vet’s office. She was so peaceful. Her vet of 13 years administered the sedation. I held her beautiful face, kissed her forehead and kept telling her how much I loved her and what a great little Scouter she was. I am getting another border terrier when I retire next year . Glod Bless you Mark for allowing all of us to share our joys and sorrows with you.

Kit from MD