I wanted to thank you for the great work that you are doing to inform people of great shelter dogs that are just waiting for a home. I recently lost a loving member of my family, Savannah, a miniture longhaired dachshund on October 16th of this year. Savannah was a beautiful angel that was sent to me for only 10 years. I had to make the painful decision to let her go after she was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in her liver. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make, but a necessary one, I couldnt let her suffer. I drove home afterwards and dont remember the drive. I stayed in a depression for several days.

I volunteer with a humane education group and had already committed to assist in grand opening of a new animal shelter in Dallas. I was not ready for a new dog, after all I had just lost Savannah. Someone had other plans…I arrived early and walked through the shelter. There was a little white and brown dog with springs for legs bouncing up and down in one of the runs. I opened the door and she jumped right into my lap and placed her head on my shoulder. I was hooked. I told the workers if she was still there when the festivities were over (9 hours) I would take her home. After all she was precious surely someone else was meant to be her family.

Yes you guessed it 9 hours later I was the proud owner of an Italian Greyhound chihuahua mix 8 month old puppy.
When we arrived home and checked the mail there was an envelope from my vet. It was a card in memory of Savannah, the picture on the front of the card looked almost identical to the little dog I had adopted earlier that day. I guess someone had other plans.

Darlene from TX