Satch, Moxie and Velvetine

I’m a VERY loyal listener to your radio show. This is not about me or my pet’s, a cat and an African Gray, although I must say, I have found new love and understanding for both since you started talking about rescuing sprite. No, this is about my brother, his wife and their 3 dogs. He has 2 pitbulls and one mixed, lab and something else, I don’t really know. All 3 dogs came from shelters in their area of South Jersey. The mixed is SATCH, named after one of the 3 stooges, MOXIE, and VELVETINE are the 2 pitbulls.

These are 3 of the most gentle loving dogs I have ever been around. About a year and a half ago, Velevtine was diagnosed with cancer, my brother and his wife had a decision to make, they decided to spend the money, and a lot of it, to treat Velvet. It was an emotional time for both of them, they don’t have children and these 3 dogs are their kids, there were lots of ups and downs for them during the chemotherapy process. Velvets cancer had gone into remission. About 3 weeks ago, on a routine doctor visit, they found the cancer has come back, I have not spoken to my brother about it, today is thanksgiving and we are going to his house, I’m sure it has been difficult for my brother and his wife, although I think they are going into this with a better understanding than they did when Velvet was initially diagnosed. I knew I was ordering your book for Christmas for my brother and his wife, I remembered yesterday that my brothers B-day is coming up in 2 weeks, so I ordered the signed book yesterday. I know the book will help them through this, I felt helpless in this. You have made it possible for me to do something that will help them.
While ordering the book on your website yesterday, I listened to the interview Rush had with you. Mark, You are truly blessed, you are working through so many people, helping them, I’m sure there are many of us who you will never hear from, but you have touched their lives or someone else they may know because of the book.
Now, I think your radio show is the best out there, in the beginning, when you were on locally, I would drive around on Saturdays during your show, laughing and enjoying you. Now, I laugh but your show has taken a turn for the BEST. Your passion has made a difference in my life, I have always been passionate about what I do, but you have given me a prouder understanding of that passion, for that I thank you. I thank you for being there for our troops, I thank you for your show, I thank you for your love of this great country, and I thank you for your personal love to your audience.

John from NJ